Forensic Accounting
A Commitment to Integrity and Objectivity

REDW has provided consulting and testifying experts in hundreds of legal proceedings that range in size and complexity, including contract disputes, marital dissolutions, insurance claims, fraud examinations, shareholder or partner disputes, bankruptcy proceedings, business valuation matters, and more.

Our highly experienced and credentialed professionals help clients understand complex financial and valuation issues—which aids in the assessment and development of sound case strategy.

As accounting, financial, and valuation experts, our team’s role in providing Litigation Support ranges from (1) assistance and consultation regarding case evaluation and discovery, (2) examining accounting and financial documents, (3) performing financial and economic analysis, and (4) preparing expert witness reports and providing expert witness testimony at deposition and trial. We also assist, as needed, in mediation, arbitration and negotiation settings.

In addition, we offer an array of Fraud Examination services to help with fraud prevention and detection, and in the investigation of both asset theft and financial statement fraud.

We also lend Insurance Support to carriers by analyzing insurance claims and by providing expert testimony and reports.

Forensic Accounting