Business Software Solutions
Integrating technology to drive strategy

For all the benefits it offers, technology can be a major thorn in the side of any business. REDW LLC knows that having the right software to manage your financial data and other key business information is vital to your success and growth. Just as important, your software systems need to be maintained and updated, and your staff needs to know how to use them effectively.

We offer a full array of solutions from Sage Software, the industry leader in business management software, and a team of Sage Software specialists to help you implement and manage the technology solutions that work best for you and your business. We'll implement the software company-wide, train your staff to use it effectively and provide ongoing support as you need it.

The success of any software implementation lies in proper planning and coordination. We offer a proven design methodology that allows us to provide consistent, client-focused implementations. Our methodology offers step-by-step guidance for you and your organization through the process of transitioning to your new software, enabling you to quickly begin using the new systems in your business operations. Our Business Software Solutions team also offers complete data conversion services, transferring your historical data from legacy systems into Sage's software.

Online, onsite, and classroom trainings are available for all of our software products. Whether you are a new client, or one of our many experienced users who just want to improve their skills, we provide a variety of opportunities to help you learn. Please see our training section for more information about specific classes and opportunities.

As a complement to our trainings, REDW provides user guides that mirror the training environment. Our user guides offer step-by-step information to help answer questions from existing software users and bring new hires up to speed quickly, saving time, money and frustration.

From the initial consult to training and maintenance, our in-house data experts put a premium on being responsive and providing the highest levels of service. We pay careful attention to understanding your needs and strategic priorities, including the importance of minimizing the impact of technology implementation within your company. Our ultimate goal is to help you get your software solutions up and running and operating at peak performance with a minimum of hassle and downtime. With a unique mix of software solutions experts, business consultants and CPAs, our dedicated team will provide you with unparalleled industry knowledge and expertise you can depend upon.
Business Software Solutions