Construction & Real Estate
Survive and thrive even in a turbulent economy

In a volatile economy, careful management of construction and real estate industries can make the difference between success and failure. Factors such as rising materials costs, labor shortages, or global competition can deal a major blow to construction firms — and can have cascading effects throughout related industries such as real estate. While many of these factors are beyond your control, having a solid command of your finances and operational systems is a major way to protect your profits — and often, your very survival.

REDW has long experience in construction and real estate industries, from defining managerial strategies to implementing solid project management systems to performing reviews, audits, and tax preparation services. We have a detailed understanding of issues specific to these industries, including cost and contract accounting, income recognition, job costing, budgeting, construction reporting requirements, depreciation and cost segregation, risk management, and tax considerations.

With REDW as your financial management partner, you can focus on identifying and pursuing profitable opportunities, knowing that we are solidly in control of applicable reporting requirements; other federal, state, and local regulations; and the latest tax and accounting rules. We’ll work closely with you to generate financial statements that not only satisfy legal and regulatory requirements, but also accurately show your financial strength to surety agents, bonding companies and lenders -- helping you achieve specific goals such as being bonded or obtaining financing. 

Above all, REDW is committed to helping your construction or real estate firm maximize profitability and achieve sustained, long-term growth.
Construction & Real Estate