A Win-Win
A Win-Win

We Win

Growing and Expanding - Even Through Tough Economic Times

You Win

As our REDW ‘family’ grows and expands, we continue to celebrate and support the diversity of our Team Members.  We are committed to the investment of each individual member of our organizational community through a wide array of benefits.

Personal Development Plans
Each Team Member is provided an advisor to guide and support their professional and personal development.  Advisors assist with providing feedback regarding current levels of performance, the development of future goals, skill and knowledge development opportunities, and assessment of progress towards goal achievement.

Professional and Career Development
REDW provides a variety of training to enhance the skills and knowledge of each Team Member. Some of the topics included are industry related technical skills, computer and software training, communication, leadership development, and continuing professional education (CPE). The achievement of advanced certifications and licenses are provided through a credentialing reimbursement program. We also encourage and sponsor membership to applicable professional associations.

Compensation and Benefits
We are committed to attracting and keeping top talent so our compensation is competitive and our benefits package is robust.  REDW offers an excellent bonus program, cafeteria medical plans, flexible spending accounts for health or child care, dental, vision, retirement plans, disability, and life insurance.

REDW Wellness Program
We are committed to the creation of healthy, happy, well-balanced lives for our Team Members. The voluntary REDW Wellness Program offers education, support, and rewards for wellness.  Our holistic approach includes achieving wellness in the following areas: mind, body, spirit, lifestyle, and community.  Team Members can custom design their program to suit their individual needs, priorities, and lifestyles.